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My backstory

Hi all,

I’m Matt, I’m a junior doctor, content creator and MedEd innovator. I trained in London (Barts and The London, UK) and am now living my best life in Australia (Melbourne). It's my mission to help medical students unlock more time by studying smarter not harder.

Medical students have it tough. Over the course of 4-6+ years we’re constantly hit with new content, placements and exams. Then there’s the demands of revising regularly on the side, let alone juggling this alongside a social life AND building a CV through research, teaching, leading and networking!

The problem is TIME! We don’t have enough of it.

Fortunately though, it IS possible to study smarter not harder while at medical school. I did so in such a way that allowed me to consistently rank first place whist at university, with plenty of time to get involved in CV-building and enjoying university life. You don’t need to be the brightest (I’m certainly not), but you will need the right approach to studying.

More importantly though, is studying in a way that makes MORE time.

My habits allowed me to consistently rank first place at medical school whilst…

  • Getting plenty of sleep
  • Writing 20 research papers
  • Building and scaling a national organisation
  • Creating a MedEd VR simulation start-up

If you're wanting to study smarter, on this site you'll find my high yield study guides as well as my mentorship programmes!

To your ongoing success,

Dr Matt Barrett


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